Purdue AirSense

Air Pollution Sensing & Data Analytics for the Purdue Community

AirSense Research Group

Purdue AirSense is a research project at Purdue University that implemented an air quality station to monitor ambient gas compounds such as CO, NOx, Ozone, and particulate matter that ranges in size from 10 nanometer (nm) to 10 micrometer (10000 nm). The main Purdue AirSense station is located at the Agronomy Center for Research and Education (ACRE) in West Lafayette city. The open space around the station allows us to collect data that is not biased or affected by nearby contamination sources.

The main Purdue AirSense station is also being used for educational and class activities by Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science students. It exposes students to state-of-the-art air quality instrumentation and emerging sensor technologies. Students have the change to look at real-time data that can be used in their air quality analysis and class projects.